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Friday, March 4, 2011

Chunk N Chip Part 2

My first experience with this truck wasn't great, so of course my review of it wasn't either. Their marketing director, Howie, responded to my review of them. He thought that the Moo-lan Rouge was a quality issue that particular night and that the cookies were definitely not supposed to be the way they were. Because there were so many other BOO-Yahs I wanted to try I was open to give them another shot. There was a new BOO-Yah combo that looked good but was advised  to stick with the snicker doodle or sugar cookies since the spice the same spice was used in their chocolate chip cookies.

When we got there, I saw the new BOO-Yah. It was two chocolate chip cookies and sandwiched in between was chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream. Although I was given the heads up that the chocolate chip cookies had the same spice the chocolate brownie cookies had, I ordered it as is anyway. I was also skeptical on getting the Moo-lan rouge again but I had to.  My love for red velvet and wanting to really like it gravitated me to ordering it again.

The first thing I did when we got the order was touched the cookies. The cookies were warm and they were soft. My experience this time around was already different than the first. I broke off a piece of the chocolate chip cookie. It still had that little spice taste, but the taste wasn't as dominant as it was in the brownie cookie. I took a bite of that BOO-Yah, and it was good. I think the chocolate ice cream mellowed out the spice of the cookie. The tanginess and sweetness of the raspberry complimented the cookie really well.

On to the  Moo-lan rouge.. Was I going to experience disappointment again? The cookie was soft, so that was a good start. I broke a piece of the cookie off and smelled it. It smelled more like red velvet than the first time. I ate it and voila! Red velvet is how it tasted. I'm still not a fan of the white fudge ice cream with macadamias so next time I'd order it with vanilla bean ice cream, but it was really good.

This was a complete 180 from the first time I tried this truck. When I first tried it and took a bite out of the BOO-Yah, the cookies were hard so when I bit into it the cookies pressed the ice cream back so I didn't get that ice cream sandwich experience and had to eat it with a fork in order for me to eat the ice cream and cookie together. This time I was able to bite into two soft cookies and have the ice cream come with it. I'd have to say that I'm really glad I gave it another try.  I would definitely get another Moo-lan Rouge BOO-Yah and would try some of their others too.


  1. I have to try these! I'm a big fan of Cool Haus but I will give these a try! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I haven't tried Cool Haus yet. I know that they have many different ice cream flavors I want to try. Let me know what you think of this trunk when you get a chance. Thanks for the comment. M~