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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Donut Man

The Donut Man is located in Glendora, CA. I’ve been there once but recently I've heard a lot of commotion surrounding their strawberry donuts and so I had to try it.  On my previous trip here they were out of strawberry donuts but had peach donuts. After trying their peach donut I was not too impressed. I did go towards the end of peach season so that may have been why it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. The peaches weren’t as ripe so it wasn’t as soft or as sweet. I would've forgotten all about The Donut Man if it wasn't for my faithful blog followers and Twitter friends. I’ve seen so many check-ins and heard of people making the drive from different counties just to try The Donut Man’s well, uh, donuts! Now I’ll have to admit I’m not a donut connoisseur. If I were to pick out a donut I go for the ordinary glazed or chocolate glazed. Since strawberries are in season, I had to check them out again. I've also been told that the other must haves were the Tigers Tail and the Bavarian cream filled donut.

I had no clue what a Tigers Tail donut was. I saw pictures but thought there was something special to it. But it’s just a twisted glazed donut with chocolate glaze in between each twist. There was nothing amazing about this donut. It was like eating a glazed twist. I could see the chocolate but couldn’t taste it. Maybe the buzz about this donut is the look and length of it because it does look pretty and it is long, but the taste was nothing to rave over.

The chocolate glazed Bavarian filled donut was next to try. Sorry that there is no picture but my daughter took it and started to maul it before I could take a photo. This was not bad but wasn’t great either. The filling tasted more like the filling you’d find in those individually wrapped $0.25 pies at the bread/donut section at the grocery store. I did like how they weren’t shy about filling the donut up to maximum capacity and how the donut just gushed when you bit into it. It would’ve been a much better donut if the Bavarian cream didn’t taste like it was made in bulk, you know that commercial taste. I wish it would’ve tasted homemade.

Now, on to their “Worlds Famous Strawberry Donut.” The claim is only fresh strawberries are used. Well, all the strawberries were pretty plump and each one was covered in the glaze. Though it was a lot of glaze, you can still taste the freshness and natural sweetness of the strawberries. These strawberries were piled high within a glazed donut, basically it’s a strawberry sandwich. You can eat it like a sandwich but I wouldn’t recommend it. They were definitely not stingy on the filling so I used the knife and fork technique to keep my hands from getting all sticky.

The taste was a little one dimensional. It needed something else, maybe a dusting of powder sugar on top, possibly some freshly whipped sweetened cream dolloped  on top of the strawberries, or perhaps a drizzle of some sort of cream cheese concoction. I can see the fascination of wanting to try their fresh fruit donuts because there isn’t really any other donut shop out there that offers that type of donut, but there was nothing mind blowing about this donut. There wasn’t that wow factor or anything unique about the flavors.
I did get a few other donuts, their crumb, chocolate glazed, original glazed and a cream cheese donut. Because I was all donut-ed out I’m not sure how those tasted but my family seemed to like them. For all the donuts the price came out to $12.85, not bad. I can’t say that The Donut Man is a place I'd rave to my out of town guests about and force them to try it nor would I be a regular over here.  So for me to come back to The Donut Man, there would have to be a new product to try or if for some reason the planets were in alignment and I just happen to be driving down Route 66 in Glendora craving a donut. Was it bad? Definitely not.  They were well made donuts but none of it was memorable. They were just okay.

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