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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Xooro..... that's pronounced "Sure-Ohs!"

I was watching an episode of “Kid in a Candy Store” on the Foodnetwork and saw this establishment was featured. Xooro is located in Glendale, CA inside of the Glendale Galleria mall. I was really surprised that something in the mall could really be that interesting. Xooro is the name and gourmet churros is their game. They are so gourmet that they aren’t even’t churros, they are “sure-ohs.”

How can a churro, excuse me, a xooro be gourmet? Well, when you fill them up with flavored creams, coat them in different chocolates and sprinkle them with condiments they then become gourmet. You can order anything from a plain xooro to one they named as "Jordan’s Favorite" (Nutella filling, milk chocolate coating with dark drizzles). There were so many different flavors to choose from but I ordered the two that were really showcased on the show which were the tiramisu and the maple bacon, and I got the original as well.

Ordering the tiramisu xooro was a no brainer for me since tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts. From the creamy marscarpone mixture to the spongey, soaked lady fingers, its texture is as pleasing to the palette as its flavor  is to the taste buds. This xooro is filled with a tiramisu filling. From what I saw on the show, they use marscarpone cheese mixed into their custard for the filling and all of the major components that are in the classic dessert. I took a bite and the first thing I did taste was the smoothness of the chocolate with the xooro. I didn’t really taste the filling until maybe 3 bites down the road, not because they weren’t filled with enough cream, but because I don’t take really big bites. I like to test the waters before I jump into the ocean head first, or however that saying goes. But after you get that bite with the burst of cream it is like eating a little piece of tiramisu. Now you don’t get that strong coffee or rum flavor, but you do get subtle hints of it. I really like how you get that chocolate flavor with your initial bite and then taste the smoothness of the filling.

From top to bottom: Tiramisu, Maple Bacon, Original with cream filling

Next we tried the maple bacon. I’m not keen on mixing my breakfast items together. For me, I like to eat my bacon separately and don’t like it even touching anything sweet. I like my bacon salty and won’t even really eat the maple topped bacon. So why in the heck would I get this? Just to try it. It was one of their most popular ones, so I had to give it a shot. Inside was a maple cream filling. The outside was coated with white chocolate and then rolled in bacon bits. It didn’t look like real bacon. It did look and taste like the ones you buy in a jar. I took a bite and it wasn’t bad. The bacon taste wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it’d be. The white chocolate coating mellowed it a little bit. The maple cream filling was good and not overly sweet either. It wasn’t a bad combo. I might have liked it better if it was rolled around in real crisp bacon.

Unlike the previous churros, the original was served hot. Understandably so because if you try coating a hot or even warm churro, just like a cake, the coating would slide right off. The original xooro is filled with your choice of vanilla or chocolate cream, or dulce de leche. We chose vanilla. The outside was crispy but when you bit into it it was nice and soft, airy yet dense. The vanilla cream filling tasted like pastry cream. It was smooth and together with the xooro it was a perfect combination. It was rolled in a perfect mixture of cinnamon and sugar. My only regret was that I didn’t choose the dulce de leche filling.

There is a display case with a few xooros in them but the tiramisu and maple bacon xooros are filled and coated to order and not premade. Overall the xooros were pretty good. They were not to die for but definitely worth trying.  I don’t think I’d drive to Glendale just to get one, but they were good enough that whenever I am at that mall I would try other flavors. For 3 xooros, a coke and an apple juice our total was a little under $19.  Sounds pricey but trying but that same amount of food at Disneyland.  There is also a location in Hollywood, CA, San Diego, CA and Phoenix, AZ with a few more locations coming soon.

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