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Thursday, July 28, 2011

RM Seafood- Las Vegas, NV

RM Seafood is a Rick Moonen restaurant located inside the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. He was a contestant on Top Chef Masters, Season 2 and his catfish sloppy joe was featured on The Best Thing I Ever ate, Las Vegas episode. Since we were staying at TheHotel we decided this would be the perfect place to grab a quick lunch after laying out by the pool.

We started off with the Futo-Fireball roll ($19). It is a cut roll of king crab, avocado, cucumber, spicy char, tobiko (fish roe), drizzled with a wasabi citrus aioli.  I thought the presentation was gorgeous. This was basically a California Roll with a spicy sauce. It had a good crunch and really good flavor. Although I couldn’t tell that it was king crab, I still thought this was a good roll.

The kids ordered the plain Mac n cheese ($10) and the RM Burger ($15). (Both not pictured) The Mac N Cheese was perfect. The sauce was the perfect consistency. It tasted really cheesy and the noodles were cooked a little more than al dente. The burger was also good. It was juicy and cooked exactly how she wanted it. According to her it was “one of the better burgers she’s eaten.”

Ed ordered the catfish sloppy joe ($15). After seeing it on The FoodNetwork, it had to be a must try on this trip. It was absolutely sloppy to eat. There was a lot of the filling. Unfortunately it was mostly the peppers and onions that we could taste. Catfish has such a mild and subtle taste that it does need seasoning but can’t be overpowered by so many flavors. This is exactly what happened in this dish. It definitely needed more catfish.. The sauce had good flavor, but we were disappointed that we couldn’t tell that the protein was catfish, other than by its description.

I ordered Rick’s Famous Fish ‘n’ Chips ($22). The fish was beer battered and served with herbed potato wedges. The fish was succulent and moist, very flaky and perfectly cooked. The tartar sauce it came with was good. It could’ve been famous, but my problem with this dish was the top was crispy but the bottom was soggy. It was laid on top of fries so I’m sure the heat from the bottom of the fish on top of hot fries was the reason for the batter being that way. The dish came with 3 little pieces of fish. Although the pieces were thicker than most fish and chip dishes, they were also a lot smaller. The portion was just not enough to fill me up.

For dessert we ordered the white chocolate bread pudding ($9).  I’m not too fond of bread pudding, but I do love white chocolate so I decided to order it. It was accompanied with a blueberry buttermilk ice cream, Jack Daniels sauce and streusel. I had forgotten about the streusel because it was not that prevalent in the dish. It was more of a garnish on the bottom of the ice cream. I’m not even a blueberry fan, but I did enjoy this dessert. It was a very composed dish. I didn’t feel like the chef threw day old bread into a dish with custard and baked it. It tasted more like a soufflĂ©. The blueberry taste didn’t overpower the  taste of the white chocolate in the bread pudding.

I was pretty disappointed that the catfish sloppy joe and fish and chips weren’t up to par. I was also surprised that the best dishes were ones that were not in any way related to seafood. Although I would definitely not come back here for lunch, I do want to try out a few items on their dinner menu. So stay tuned for a post on that.

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