A lot of restaurants are all bark and no bite. They are full of too much hype and not enough flavor. From food trucks to hole in the walls to 5 star establishments, I'm here to answer the question on everyone's mind, "Is it really that good!" I am not an Iron Chef let alone a line cook. I'm just an ordinary girl who loves to eat extraordinary food.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Hot Dog Shoppe, Corona CA

I rarely go to the Inland Empire to eat. But since Ed works out in Corona, I decided to drive up there and have lunch with him. Even with mixed reviews on Yelp, we decided to give The Hot Dog Shoppe a chance.  I had to use the pictures I found on my Iphone. I thought I downloaded them before I deleted them from my camera!

The Hot Dog Shoppe claims to serve gourmet hot dogs and specialty sausages along with  side orders such as sweet potato fries or onion rings.  Names like "The Lasorda" or "Sleeping Alone" adorned their "Customer Suggestions" menu. While on their regular menu it had basic hot dogs, brats and sausages. There were way too many to choose from. I was overwhelmed with all the choices that was offered. Quite honestly, I was too tired to even go through all the options so I quickly perused the items and chose the corn dog, Mac n' Cheese dog and onion rings.

Their onion rings ($6)  tasted as if they were fried in old oil. They also tasted as if they were fried in really hot oil where the batter browned too fast before the onion can really cook nicely. They weren't crispy and the batter was just too thick. 

I love corn dogs. I love when the batter taste like corn bread and it's nicely browned and crispy when you bite into it. Their  corn dog ($3.75-not pictured) was nothing like that. Same frying method as the onion rings. Batter was a little soggy, but the hot dog wasn't hot.

The mac n' cheese dog with chili  ($4.75) wasn't impressive either. The macaroni and cheese tasted watered down and wasn't warm. The noodles were overcooked so the texture was mushy. The hot dog wasn't hot. It was more like room temperature as if it was sitting around for a while.

Everything we ordered was pretty disappointing and definitely not worth the money. This is a place I definitely would not recommend or go back to.


  1. This dumb broad has no idea what she is talking about. This place has great hot dogs and food. If you like sushi and fluff food then don't come , but if you love a good hot dog , or if you like food that you know is not good for you :) , then this place is for you.

    1. I'm sure you also think tacos at Taco Bell are to die for too. Thanks for the comment though. It gives this dumb broad's site exposure.

    2. You can call me what you like. I won't stoop to the level of name calling. Funny how my lil ole opinion ruffled your feathers.