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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oahu Shave Ice- Fullerton, CA

Oahu Shave ice is located in Fullerton, CA. I was excited to know that I no longer had to chase trucks or save a wad load of cash to take a trip to Hawaii to get "authentic" shave ice.  We visited Oahu Shave Ice to taste if it measured up to my favorite shave ice truck or to my wonderful experience in Maui.

I got my usual order: large shave ice with strawberry and vanilla syrup, mochi, condensed milk and vanilla ice cream. Let me just make this short and sweet.  It didn't measure up, nor was it even up to par. Parts of the shave ice were still chunky that you can hear the breaking of ice in your mouth. The bottom half of the ice didn't even have syrup. I'm not sure what brand of ice cream was used but it didn't taste like homemade, quality ice cream and the mochi either hardened in the ice or was already hard. Everything about it was definitely not authentic. 

I usually share a large with Ed and together we always finish it. This time we didn't even make a dent. Let me make this short and not so sweet. I would not recommend this place at all. Besides the service, nothing else was great. 


  1. very good to know - i've been obsessed w shaved ice this last year and was wondering!

  2. Dear Margarita,

    Please call me, the owner, at 714-255-1727, or email me at adickens@oahuice.com, I would appreciate it. I want to discuss this review.

    We aren't even carrying mochi until our new menu in January so it's not possible that you would have even ordered what you claim to have ordered. Defaming a new small business without really trying the food doesn't seem fair.

    If you really have tried our products, I would like to hear any suggestions you might have.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    To all other readers, we stand by our quality and feel confident that it is as good or better than anything you will find in Hawaii. We pride ourselves in our fluffy shave ice. Check us out for yourself in Fullerton or Yorba Linda.


  3. Hi. Please check your email. It was definitely Oahu Shave Ice in Fullerton that I visited and tried. I would never make anything up. Thank you.

  4. Aaron and I had a great conversation and talked about my experience there. He said a lot of things have been changed and all employees have been retrained. I will go back and re-review my experience.

  5. Okay, so there is one on the road from the airport to Lahaina and another located in Lahaina. That sounds like an option for 2 shave ice on the day of arrival!!
    Of course we have a bunch of new snow in our backyard this morning. I could probably make my own if I had the right syrups!


    I-Coloniali Hibiscus

  6. Margarita,
    Not to take anything away from Aaron and Oahu Shave Ice, but perhaps it may never taste the same as it is missing the Aloha found in Hawaii. I'm not even trying to be cheesy. I think about some restaurants that I have ordered take out and it just isn't the same eating it at home as it is in the atmosphere of that particular restaurant. There is something about eating shave ice in Hawaii that can't be compared. Again, not to say that Aaron's shave ice can't be GOOD, but I have a feeling it is one of those things that won't compare unless you are having it in Hawaii. :) ALOHA!